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Geffen Contemporary North Wall Murals

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I can’t wait to get back to LA to see Art in the Streets. Everyone is going crazy for it, or going crazy because of  it.  Taggers have converged on Little Tokyo and the Popo don’t know what to do.  Deitch says it’s inspirational and motivational. But it has also been controversial.  Small reminder:

MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary’s North Wall in December 2010:

Blu’s mural for MOCA, whitewashed.

How the wall appears now:

Collaboration: Lee Quinones, Abel, Cern, FUTURA, Loomit, Push, RISK and Sano.

The new mural is called Birds of a FeatherHere’s a video of the artists creating it.   I wonder how long MOCA will leave the work up?  Will they whitewash this one too when the show is done, or leave it up for a while?

Look out soon for a future post about another famous LA mural that was whitewashed too.


P.S. Who wants to go explore this street art smorgasbord with me when I’m back?

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