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Donors: Swarovski

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J.Lo, Rodarte, and So Much More.

“It’s a new generation of party people.” Yes, yes it is J.Lo.  I’ve been listening to this song non-stop for the past few days, ever since I discovered the video.  Watch it.  You may notice within the first twenty seconds a blatant product placement for Swarovski (see below still taken from the video).  What’s could possibly be inside that box?—A huge-ass crystal earring, which J.Lo puts on, and that opens the flood gates to a crystal-filled club world.  Huge crystal chandeliers and curtains of crystals everywhere!

What could be in that box?

Swarovski likes to sponsor all kinds of cultural things, and not just pop music. May I remind you of their sponsorship of the MOCA’s Rodarte show, oh yeah and ALL the product placement in Black Swan.  It just occurred to me how perfect the Black Swan partnership really was: I mean Swarovski’s logo is a swan! (Others might have been quicker to realize this than I was.)

Closer to home (at least my current home), Swarovski also sponsored the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Annual Fashion Show.  The show(s) took place in Millennium Park this year and featured designs from sophomore, junior, and senior designers. There was a total of four shows last Thursday;  I saw the first one at 9:00AM and I’m not going to lie it really was a dress rehearsal with some major issues (like unenthusiastic, inexperienced models).  Apparently the organizers got it together for the later shows.

Some favorites, photos from RackedChicago.

The last show of the day was a gala benefit called THE WALK (their capitals, not mine), which is technically what Swarovski sponsored.  Swarovski also gave out a fellowship to one creative designer in the show.  This year it was awarded to sophomore, Ana Leon, who won a full-tuition scholarship.  What a lucky girl; I know tuition at SAIC is steep.

Here’s a link to some video footage of the show.

– H.I.

Who doesn’t love a crystal cat suit?

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  1. J.Lo’s On the Floor is Countess Luann’s Money Can’t Buy You Class with 2 corporate sponsors. The ONLY (but nonetheless amazingly) good thing about MCBYC is how cheap it was. No money but a lot of class = shit music video that I love. Here, though, after I get bitchslapped by BMW and Swarovski, I get some “Oh, J. Lo doesn’t look at beat as I expected” glamor shots. It’s a load, my dear.


    May 9, 2011 at 4:39 AM

  2. and ibeeza? puh-leeza.

    watching the vid again, I do like trussed up turkey J.Lo with the pimp cane. But I’m not laughing with her.


    May 9, 2011 at 4:46 AM

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