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Four Facts: Light Years at the AIC

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I’m going to experiment with a new, more regular (hopefully) feature to summarize the exhibitions I come across.  (I still plan on a series of posts about private collectors who build museums for their collections, because “that shit cray.”) Also meet my colleague and art world partner in crime: Bonnie O; she’s going to be blogging about her art adventures (of which she has many).

Trying to get a few more days out of my leather Jacket.

This Week’s Four Facts:

Light Years: Conceptual Art and Photography, 1964-1977
At the Art Institute of Chicago, through March 11

1 – Early Eleanor Antin work is in the show, and it’s great to see something other than her historical tableaus.  Although a personal goal of mine is to be in one of those photo shoots.  I look great in a toga, Eleanor!

2 – You might think the Alighero Boetti (below) is clever and cheeky, but Duchamp was drawing mustaches on other artists’ work in 1919.  Art that is referential to art history has always been hot.  Someone should tell that to the students at SAIC.

Alighero Boetti, AW:AB = L:MD (1967)

3 – The show is heavy on Baldessari, and as a California boy, that’s fine with me.  Before he was the conceptual photography master he is now, he was a painter.  But in 1970, he cremated his paintings…for a conceptual piece…involving cookies.

4 – A few Gordon Matta-Clark pieces are in the show, but if you want greater dosage of Matt-Clark (and are in Chicago) head over to the MCA.  And if you’re in LA, MOCA has his Office Baroque currently on view at Grand Avenue.

– H.I.

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  1. Good art, good art.


    February 17, 2012 at 7:48 AM

  2. […] out Frankie’s Four Facts of Light Years […]

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