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Girl with a Pearl Earring – Exhibition Website

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de Young Museum

I have not seen this exhibition (because I have neither renewed my FAMSF membership, nor managed to convince the bitchy membership counter boys to let me in for free), so I’m just going to judge the exhibition website for the de Young’s latest touring celebrity, Girl With a Pearl Earring.

Girl with the Pearl Earring_de Young_Website_Wink

Lazy eye, or unfortunate screengrab?

That’s right, SHE WINKS.  Oh this is painful.  Vermeer’s iconic masterpiece (reduced to a not-even-clever gif) and other treasures from the Mauritshuis are currently touring the globe (or parts of it) while the Dutch museum undergoes extensive renovations.  Good for the Mauritshuis for making some buckets of ducats while closed, but one wonders how much the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco are shelling out for the traveling show.

The paintings have already toured Japan, and are off to the High Museum when the show closes June 2nd.  The last American venue for the show is the Frick Collection, where coincidentally the new Director of the Fine Art Museums, Colin B. Bailey, hails from.  Hey Bailey, let’s cut back on these touring blockbusters and lower membership fees, okay? Oh wait, Bulgari is the next major exhibition.  I guess I like sparkly things.  And this way I get to see Liz Taylor’s jewels, since I was unwilling to pay $20 to see them at the Christie’s pre-sale exhibition at MOCA

Remember this BS?

Remember this BS?

I may be turning into a museum cheapskate.

– H.I.

P.S. If you still want to see the Scarlett Johansson look-a-like in San Francisco, and by “see,” I mean elbow ferociously through a throng of people with iphones to catch a brief glimpse, you have two weeks to do so.

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